Origin Authenticity

Quality Control Systems for the Food Industry

Origin authenticity can help you avoid paying for overpriced substandard goods that do not comply with their labelled specifications. Origin authenticity analyses are an integral part of the food industry's quality control systems enabling the industry to guarantee the authenticity of its products in line with government regulations.

With the aid of SNIF-NMR®, a bioanalytical method, the analysis of natural products using deuterium NMR on the Bruker BioSpin Avance systems becomes simple.  The features of this push-button system cover every step of a 2H NMR analysis, from data acquisition to the interpretation of final results in terms of origin. Applications include wine chaptalization, detection of adulteration of fruit juices, determination of flavor origin and more generally, determination of the origin of beverages and food products.
The SNIF-NMR® technology was developed in the early 1980s by the founding parents of Eurofins Scientific.