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New Advances in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

Nanoscale Infra-red spectroscopy uniquely combines AFM techniques with nanoscale photothermal FTIR chemical fingerprinting and scattering SNOM characterisation of plasmonics and optical properties.
This webinar took place on July 16th 2018

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We have invited Curt Marcott, Light Light Solutions, and Dean Dawson, Bruker Anasys, to share vital insights into nanoscale identification of materials and their chemical/optical properties using the latest advances in nanoscale IR spectroscopy.

Our speakers will introduce a range of new innovations and applications enabled by Bruker's Anasys nanoIR3 platform.

Webinar Topics

  • New technology behind the nanoIR3 platform
  • 2nd Generation Tapping AFM-IR™
  • HYPERspectra™ high-speed nanoIR spectroscopy at every image pixel
  • Recent exciting applications
  • Groundbreaking research behind recent nanoIR publications


Dr. Curtis Marcott
Dr. Curtis Marcott
Senior Partner, Light Light Solutions; Previous: Technical fellow at Proctor & Gamble