The VERTEX 80 and VERTEX 80v spectrometers are the high-end research instruments in the VERTEX series. Their innovative optics design results in the most powerful bench top purge and vacuum spectrometers available. They offer broadest spectral range from the UV/VIS region (50000 cm-1) to the FIR/THz region (5 cm-1), highest spectral and temporal resolution and an unmatched level of flexibility. The versatile VERTEX 80/80v systems provide with their PEAK technology the right solution for all high-end research applications.

Research & Development

  • Continuous and Step Scan technology for amplitude/phase modulation spectroscopy
  • Rapid, interleaved and Step Scan technology for experiments with high temporal resolution (Step Scan / Rapid Scan / Interleaved TRS)
  • Characterization of periodically ordered microscopic materials, known as metamaterials
  • High resolution spectroscopy for gas analysis with resolutions better than 0.06 cm-1
  • Instrumentation for vacuum FTIR beamline installations
  • Stopped-flow methods for enzyme catalysis experiments
  • External adaptation of ultrahigh vacuum measurement chambers
  • FTIR spectroelectrochemistry for the in-situ investigation of electrode surfaces and electrolytes


  • Determination of the absolute configuration of molecules (VCD)
  • Characterization of stability and volatile content of medical drug products by thermal analysis (TGA-FTIR)
  • Differentiation of polymorphs of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the far infrared region

Polymers and Chemistry

  • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymer composites in the far infrared region
  • Dynamic and rheo-optical studies of polymers
  • Determination of volatile compounds and characterization of decomposition processes by thermal analysis (TGA-FTIR)
  • Reaction monitoring and reaction control (MIR fiber probe)
  • Identification of inorganic minerals and pigments

Surface Analysis

  • Detection and characterization of thin and monolayers
  • Surface analysis combined with polarization modulation (PM-IRRAS)

Material Science

  • Characterization of optical and highly reflective materials (windows, mirrors)
  • Investigation of dark materials and depth profiling by Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (PAS)
  • Characterization of the emittance behavior of materials


  • Determination of oxygen and carbon contents in silicon wafers
  • Low temperature transmittance and photoluminescence (PL) measurements of shallow impurities for quality control