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NMR FoodScreener - SGF Profiling Module for the Analysis of Juices

SGF Profiling™ is an NMR-based screening method for fruit juices which has been developed in a joint effort by Bruker BioSpin GmbH and SGF International e.V. For each fruit juice a multitude of parameters related to quality and authenticity is evaluated simultaneously from a single data set acquired within a few minutes.

Thought leader interview

  • Automated push-button NMR solution based on 400 MHz including evaluation and reporting
  • Reliable screening method providing targeted and non-targeted multi-marker analysis
  • Statistical analysis is based on an extensive NMR spectroscopic database of more than 16.000 reference juices, obtained from production sites all over the world and is regularly updated.
  • Targeted Analysis: Simultaneous absolute quantification of relevant organic compounds with reference to A.I.J.N. and NMR distribution
  • Non-Targeted Analysis: NMR-Profile is compared with the corresponding group of reference spectra. Deviating concentrations (even of unidentified compounds) are detected automatically.
  • Classification Analysis, e.g. the determination of fruit origin
  • Determination of fruit content (detection of addition of water, amino acids or sugar)