High Performance and Throughput IVD-by-NMR Research

Paving the way for worldwide epidemiological studies as well as for preclinical research.

Dedicated to NMR-based pre-clinical in vitro screening and research, the AVANCE IVDr is optimized for ease-of-use and highest data quality, reliability and reproducibility as shown in the figure on the right side. The new standardized platform offers barcode analysis, control by a LIMS system, the high-throughput autosampler SampleJet™, remote access, and automatic analysis and customizable analytical result reporting.

Based on Bruker-validated SOPs, the AVANCE IVDr platform enables the development of future potential diagnostic tools for body-fluids that can address a variety of medical questions. The SOPs guarantee the preparation of highly reproducible clinical data, enabling the exchange and validation of novel NMR assays between laboratories on a global basis. In a translational clinical research environment the results produced by these NMR assays can easily be transferred into potential clinical screening and future IVD use.

This level of large-scale health-related NMR screening is paving the way for worldwide epidemiological studies as well as for pre-clinical in vitro research. The benefits have been significant: facilitated by the low cost per sample and the even lower cost per parameter as compared to established single parameter screening methods.

Novel NMR methods for determining the cause of disease, delivering individualized patient treatment are now enabling many clinical researchers for developing strategies for prevention.

Reproducibility performance unmatched by Non-NMR methods

Overlay of 6 spectra each prepared and measured independantly on aliquots of a serum sample at Bruker BioSpin Rheinstetten and at Leiden University Medical Center in Holland, showing absolute identity of all spectra.
Bruker standard operation procedures