MicWB40 Probe

MicWB40 Probe in combination with the Micro2.5 Gradient System

The MicWB40 probe has been developed for micro-imaging of small objects (max. diam. 30 mm) in wide bore magnets (89 mm ID). The probe has an outer diameter of 40 mm and fits into the separate Micro2.5 gradient system.

The MicWB40 is assembled from separate modular components:

  • Probe body
  • Exchangeable radio frequency (rf) inserts
  • Variable temperature kit
  • Animal bed
  • Sample holders

The probe can be configured for in vivo investigations and for materials investigations, just by combining an animal bed or a variable temperature kit with the probe body.

Electrical connections with rf filters are available for connecting a body temperature sensor and ecg electrodes to monitor the heart beat and to enable cardiac triggered data acquisition. Tubes are built in with Luer connectors from the bottom of the probe to the region of the rf-coils for the application of anaesthetics and for the connection of a pressure based respiratory sensor for controlling the animal and to acquire respiration triggered images without motion artefacts.

When necessary, the in vivo and the variable temperature fittings can be easily removed from the probe body to obtain a free-access bore of 19 mm diameter from the bottom to the top of the probe body and into the rf-resonator to support flow measurements.

RF Section

A variety of exchangeable rf inserts are available for the MicWB40 to guarantee always the best filling factors and sensitivities for objects of different sizes and shapes. Different rf-coil types exist including solenoid coils with inner diameters in the range of millimetres and birdcage resonators with diameters up to 30 mm. Some resonators are built in a quadrature rf design. Rf coils are provided for single- or double-frequency applications. All rf inserts are completely open on both ends, allowing for the insertion of long samples. Surface coils at flexible wires or in fixed housings are additional options for dedicated applications. 

Gradient System

The actively shielded Micro2.5 streamline designed gradient system has an inner diameter of 40 mm and provides a gradient strength of 150 G/cm (at 60 A). The gradient system is water cooled for the application of highest duty cycles.