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ParaVision 360

The Most Advanced Software for Preclinical Imaging Research

ParaVision is the world‘s leading preclinical imaging software. Used in the most distinguished laboratories, it plays an integral role in the advancement of the cure of diseases, when ground breaking discoveries ranging from basic research to drug development are performed on Bruker instruments run with ParaVision.

Focusing on consistent quantification, ParaVision 360 makes scanning even more intuitive, while maintaining the full flexibility that Bruker users praise. The enlarged MRI sequence portfolio, which is exclusive to Bruker, and the powerful image data evaluation functions lead to maximum proficiency in scanning and analysis.

AVANCE NEO electronics, which are integral to ParaVision 360, make scanning faster and more precise. AVANCE NEO enables real-time decisions, makes dynamic shimming possible, and improves gradient performance.

ParaVision 360 enters the world of seamless multimodal imaging. Modern imaging laboratories hosting PET/MR and PET/CT instruments profit from the fully integrated common imaging platform spanning PET,  MRI and CT modalities. The simplicity and uniformity across the range of instrumentation allows operators to put their focus on their research.