Anasys IR3 S webslider 2018.065
  • Two complementary nanoscale IR techniques – s-SNOM and AFM-IR
  • 10nm resolution chemical and optical property mapping
  • nano FTIR high performance broadband spectroscopy
  • Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
  • “Anasys engineered” for ease of use, productivity and reliability 

Download Data Sheet: nanoIR3-s Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy


10nm Spatial Resolution Chemical Imaging and Spectroscopy

Graphene Plasmonics

Graphene Plasmons Ill

s-SNOM phase and amplitude images of surface plasmon polariton (SPP) on a graphene wedge. (left) s-SNOM phase with a line cross-section of the SPP standing wave; (right) s-SNOM amplitude. Top image is a 3D view of Phase image (left).

High Resolution Property Mapping

GrapheneFlakeCrossSection 21

Cross-section through the graphene flake shows sub 10nm resolution optical property imaging.

Highest Performance Nano FTIR Spectroscopy

  • Highest performance nano FTIR spectroscopy
  • Highest performance IR SNOM spectroscopy with the most advanced nanoIR laser source available
  • nano FTIR spectroscopy with integrated DFG, continuum based laser source Broadband synchrotron light source integration
  • Multi-chip QCL laser source for spectroscopy and chemical imaging

Ultrafast-broadband scattering SNOM spectroscopy probing molecular vibrational information. Laser interferogram of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) shows coherent molecular vibration in the form of free-induction decay in time domain (top). The highlighted feature in sample interferogram is due to the beating of symmetric and antisymmetric mode of C-F modes in the resulting the frequency domain (bottom left). Monolayer sensitivity of nano-FTIR is demonstrated on a monolayer pNTP (bottom right). Data courtesy of Prof. Markus Raschke, University of Colorado, Boulder, US

PTFI spectrograph group

POINTspectra Technology

PointSpectroscopy data b

POINTspectra lasers enable both spectroscopy and high resolution optical property mapping across a broad range of wavelengths.

  1. Select feature to be measured in the AFM image
  2. Measure spectroscopy of sample and select wavelength of interest
  3. Create high resolution optical property map

10nm spatial resolution images of amplitude and phase are rapidly measured from interferograms over a range of wavelengths Enables 10nm resolution Tapping AFM-IR for complementary, unique IR spectroscopy