WDS, QUANTAX, Ultra-Sensitive, Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometry, SEM


High Resolution where it Really Counts

XSense on SEM

The XSense spectrometer achieves energy resolutions in the range of 4 eV for Si Kα radiation. Equipped with 6 diffracting (analyzer) crystals it covers the energy range from 100 eV to 3.6 keV. The large number of crystals with partially overlapping energy ranges ensures that the best fit for the current task is selected.

Advanced proportional counter management for reliable results

Bruker's unique counter management system controls counter pressure and automatically performs high voltage and discriminator settings. Not only does this simplify device operation and minimize gas consumption, it also warrants that counter characteristics remain constant under all environmental conditions. This enhances reproducibility and system reliability.

Pushing the limits of sensitivity

Molybdenum L Line WDS Spectrum
Comparing L line spectra of molybdenum
acquired with (solid) and without (outline)
secondary collimating optics

The XSense spectrometer's advanced kinematics ensures that the diffracting crystals are always perfectly positioned with respect to the incoming beam over the full Bragg angle range. This eliminates signal loss.

The sophisticated optical system – including secondary optics between crystal and detector – pushes resolution, peak-to-background ratio and sensitivity to their limits. A non-magnetic primary beam optics avoids beam shift and image distortion.

Optimum measurement conditions through auto-alignment of the optics

Auto-Alignment Function of the Spectrometer Optics
Illustration of the auto-alignment function
of the XSense spectrometer optics

The precise alignment of the spectrometer's optical axis with respect to the current sample spot is vital in parallel beam spectrometry. XSense is equipped with an internal fully motorized three axis stage to support fast and stable positioning of the parallel beam optics with sub-micrometer resolution. A smart algorithm provides correct alignment at the touch of a key by finding the maximum intensity in all three directions of movement.

Touch control panel for setup and monitoring

XSense's touch panel display allows the user direct control of the spectrometer status. Interlock functions can be checked and basic setup operations performed. These include opening and closing the gate valve, retraction of the optics and more.

Full integration with EDS

The ESPRIT 2 software provides full integration of WDS and EDS. Measurements can be performed on the same spot and results can be combined for improved reliability of quantification.

Download the XSense flyer (PDF)

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