Bruker – leistungsstarke, wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Lösungen für Molekular-und Materialforschung sowie für industrielle und angewandte Analysen

Super Resolution

3D and video-rate super resolution microscopy enables simple live-cell multi-color experiments


Unique high speed realistic pattern simulation serving highest demands in Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) analysis


Highest Resolution Nanochemical and Properties Mapping - Only from Bruker


Hospitals use the MALDI Biotyper to rapidly identify antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are an ever increasing problem in healthcare.

ParaVision 6

ParaVision 6 Preclinical Imaging Software

Höhere Produktivität, verbesserte Leistung und umfassenden Zugang auf präklinische Magnetresonanz-Applikationen




Analytica China 2014

Shanghai, China - 7th Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology

ASCB 2014

Philadelphia, PA, USA - American Society for Cell Biology

AFM BioMed Conference

San Diego, CA, USA


New Orleans, LA, USA - PITTCON 2015 Conference & Expo

ENC 2015

Pacific Grove, CA, USA - Experimental NMR Conference