Bruker Introduces Novel NMR Probe Technology for Biological Research

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, – July 11, 2022 – At the Euromar 2022 conference, Bruker showcases several innovations in advanced NMR probe technology to enable novel scientific research with much increased sensitivity for biological and materials research.

Bruker builds on the success of its 600 MHz MAS CryoProbe with two new 800 MHz CPMAS CryoProbes, including a BioSolids HCN 3.2 mm version with larger rotors, providing an 8-10 times signal-to-noise increase over conventional 3.2 mm MAS probes. A broadband 3.2 mm HX MAS Cryoprobe for materials science and quadrupolar nuclei enables the field of NMR 17O glycoanalysis and advances catalyst research. With sensitivity increases up to 10x, these new 800 MHz MAS Cryoprobes dramatically enhance biological, disease, and materials research.

800 MHz CPMAS CryoProbe

Bruker also announces a new 8 mm 15N TROSY 800 MHz Cryoprobe for investigations into larger, non-deuterated and intrinsically disordered proteins and intrinsically disordered protein regions. This new 8mm Cryoprobe provides 2x greater sensitivity than 5 mm 15N Cryoprobe detection, and 1.5x greater 13C sensitivity.

8mm 15N TROSY 800 MHz CryoProbe

Dr. Barbara Perrone, Product Manager at Bruker BioSpin 

We are pleased to offer the research community our latest NMR probe technology for solid-state and liquids NMR applications to advance research in stuctural and functional biology.

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