Protein Structure
Protein Structure
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FT-IR in Academia: Bio Science Applications

Free Webinar

FT-IR in Academia: Bio Science Applications

Our third and last part of the series "FT-IR Spectroscopy in Academia" is all about bio sciences. Martin Luft and Michel Stromereder begin their presentation with a brief look at the literature and continue by highlighting recent advances in protein research. More fundamental applications are also presented, with regular dips into adjacent topics to demonstrate the true value of FT-IR in the bio science.

Goal of the Webinar:

Demonstrate the unique abilities and high relevance of FT-IR spectroscopy in bio science and provide the audience with a basic technical understanding of how proteins and other complex biological samples are analyzed.

Who Should Attend:

  • PhD students, post-docs, professors
  • University staff and students
  • Biotech researchers
  • Biotech industry professionals
  • Bio science enthusiasts

Topics Discussed:

  • Proteins in biology, pharma, and food science
  • API and formulation development in pharma
  • Biochemicals and biopolymers in material science
  • Biofluids and tissue imaging in medical science

Martin Luft

Application Specialist

Martin Luft has been an application specialist in the field of FT-IR spectroscopy and its application in life science for more than 20 years.

Michel Stromereder

Product Manager

Michel Stromereder joined Bruker as a product manager and is responsible for the life science solution portfolio of the INVENIO product line.