Oils, Seeds and more: Quality Control with FT-NIR along the Production Chain

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Learn how FT-NIR Spectroscopy can upgrade your QC

Are you involved in QC of edible oils and oil seeds in the lab or in production? Learn how to use FT-NIR spectroscopy for quantification, identification and authentication of edible oils like olive oil and more in virtual workshop with expert advice and hands-on demonstrations.  Discover why FT-NIR spectroscopy is a powerful alternative to conventional technologies.

FT-NIR spectroscopy will not only analyze the general composition of the oil to know if it is fit-for-purpose for the given task and if the quality is according to the standards. It can also determine oxidation parameters to assess the shelf life of the product. Dedicated examples like the analysis of olive oils, frying fats and marine oils will be featured.


  • Dagmar Behmer of Bruker Optics will explain how FT-NIR spectroscopy works and give an overview on Bruker’s rugged FT-NIR analyzers. The portfolio ranges from small footprint, touch screen operated analyzers to fully automated in-process systems for the analysis of oilseeds and finished oils throughout the entire manufacturing process. You will learn about the available calibration packages for the various oil types and which parameters are included.  
  • A hands-on demonstration from Bruker’s application lab will show the ease of use of FT-NIR spectroscopy for the analysis of oils as well as oilseeds. This demo will give you an idea how you can implement it into your lab routine. 
  • Sven Seifer from Maxfry will talk about how FT-NIR helped to speed up their development of additives for the frying industry and how it is used in their daily QC routines. Moreover, Maxfry developed analytical services for the assessment of olive oils based on FT-NIR to determine the age, remaining shelf-life, identity, possible debasement, quality characteristics and aroma profile of the product. A tool on which a range of private and public institutes, as well as numerous testing bodies, already rely on.
  • Live Q&A where we will answer your questions regarding the use of FT-NIR spectroscopy.

Key Learning Points

  • Discover Bruker’s portfolio of analytical solutions for the edible oils and oilseeds industry.
  • Learn how FT-NIR can be utilized for analyzing quality and authenticity of edible oils & fats in the lab as well as online.
  • See how Maxfry implemented FT-NIR spectroscopy in their daily routine analysis and for their analytical services for olive oil.

Who Should Attend?

The webinar will appeal to anybody involved in quality control of edible oils & fats, but also oilseeds in the laboratory or production floor. It will also be relevant to people working in the food industry using oils and fats in their production process.


Sven Seifer, Maxfry GmbH

Technical Sales Manager

Sven Seifer works for Maxfry GmbH since its foundation in 2002. After receiving a vocational training in a B2B communication agency, he is today leading the marketing communication as well as the technical sales at Maxfry.

With his broad knowledge of edible oils and FT-NIR spectroscopy, he is well versed in advising customers about technical aspects of oils as well as how NIR can be utilized to obtain as much information as possible about the various types of oil.

Dagmar Behmer, Bruker Optics

Marketing Manager Applied Spectroscopy

Dagmar Behmer holds an MSc degree in Analytical Chemistry and is today Marketing Manager of the Applied Spectroscopy business area of Bruker.

She is looking back on more than 25 years of experience with FT-NIR spectroscopy, focusing on food and agricultural applications and edible oils & fats in particular.

Dagmar published several papers on olive oil and frying fats as well as book chapters on non-destructive analysis of food with FT-NIR spectroscopy. She is member of AOCS American Oil Chemists' Society) and the DGF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft).