X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

S8 TIGER Series 2

Powerful, Yet Flexible Process and Quality Control

Performance meets Usability

HighSense Technology

High Performance Wavelength Dispersive XRF spectrometer

+/- 0.00005
High voltage precision
Excellent analytical precision with unrivalled generator stability
300 µm
Spot size
Smallest spot size for sample mapping
170 mA
Excitation current
Best excitation for light elements with optimal conditions

Elemental Analysis at its best with WDXRF S8 TIGER Series 2 for flexible and powerful process and quality control

The S8 TIGER Series 2 WDXRF spectrometer delivers with its HighSense technology for all elements from Beryllium to Americium outstanding accuracy and precision for industrial quality and process control. Ergonomic and failsafe operation are vital for efficiency and best analytical data comes with the EasyLoad magazine and instrument protection by SampleCare. Simple, intuitive start of samples are guaranteed with the multilingual TouchControl interface.
The S8 TIGER Series 2 comes with the revolutionary HighSense™ technology for WDXRF. It offers an exceptional linear dynamic range enabling higher precision levels for process and quality control in cement, minerals, mining, metals, glass, and ceramics.
With the XRF2 mapping tool the S8 TIGER Series 2 offers the smallest spot size and highest resolution for small spot applications based on high resolving WDXRF technology and with the new HighSense beam path the optimal detection of light, medium and heavy elements.

S8 TIGER SERIES 2 | XRF Wavelength Dispersive (WDX) Spectrometer

Where can the S8 TIGER Series 2 help you to advance?

S8 TIGER Series 2 Applications

Minerals, Mining, Geology

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the ideal WDXRF instrument for geological monitoring and mineral applications covering almost the entire periodic table. With its unrivalled analytical flexibility it detects major elements and traces in one run. With the selection of high resolution analyzer crystals, such as the LiF 220 and the high intensity crystal XS-400, it enables geologists to get the entire information they need.  

S8 TIGER Series 2 Applications

Cement & Construction Materials

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the perfect choice for the laboratories in cement plants: With HighSense WDXRF technology and the specialized analyzer crystal XS-CEM it delivers the precision for all process materials (raw materials, raw mix, clinker, hot meal, cement) and secondary materials (blast furnace slags, AFR’s). Special requirements, such as trace element detection in alternative fuels and green eco cement or sulfur speciation is done easily with the S8 TIGER Series 2.

S8 TIGER Series 2 Applications

Petrochemistry & Polymers

There is no better instrument than the S8 TIGER Series 2 for all petrochemical WDXRF applications. Safe liquid sample handling with DirectLoading, SampleCare and automatic liquid sample detection high instrument uptime is guaranteed. The low temperature tube head and atmospheric helium mode are enabling even the safe analysis of volatile samples, such as fuels and the detection limit of sulfur in gasoline with 0.2 ppm (100s @ 4kW with XS-GE-C) calls for world record! Two helium modes and the small sample chamber are the main reasons for the unique low cost of operation – the maximum mileage with one bottle of helium! The analysis of impurities in virgin polymers at sub-ppm level or additives in filled plastics up to several % - all this is mastered with the S8 TIGER Series 2. Catalysts with best precision and quick monitoring of toys for toxic elements is done with a simple touch on the TouchControl interface – the analytical performance of the S8 TIGER Series 2 is on spot for all these tasks.

S8 TIGER Series 2 Applications

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Quality and process control of all relevant materials in metal production is a straight-forward job with the S8 TIGER Series 2. Based on HighSense technology it provides a maximum intensity to achieve best counting statistics for all important elements. A plus on precision and instrument uptime comes with the DirectLoading of the S8 TIGER. The S8 TIGER Series 2 provides the analytical flexibility one need for all materials ranging from metals, refractories, additives and slags. At the same time different sample types – solids, pressed pellets, fused beads and liquids (oils) are handled safely and quickly.

S8 TIGER Series 2 Applications

Research & Development, Academia

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the ideal WDXRF instrument to serve scientist in R&D and academia solving the most challenging tasks. With HighSense technology, its unrivalled analytical flexibility and the optimal conditions for light elements the S8 TIGER Series proves to deliver spot on results! QUANT-EXPRESS fully integrated standard solution extends the analytical flexibility when adding elements to user calibrated applications. An easy way to master non-routine challenges! XRF2 small spot mapping with 300 nm spot size and 100 nm step size enables small spot mapping with best light element sensitivity of WDXRF, optimal resolution better than EDXRF and better detection limits for heavy elements due to the HighSense optics. An indispensable tool for archaeology, batteries, electronics and new materials!

S8 TIGER Series 2 Specifications

Systems S8 TIGER 1 kW
50 kV max.
50 mA max.
3 kW
60 kV max.
150 mA max.
4 kW
60 kV max.
170 mA max.
X-ray tubes Rh, 75 μm Be Window Rh, 75 μm Be Window
Rh, 50 μm Be Window, SampleCare protective coating
Rh, 28 μm Be Window, SampleCare protective coating
Cr, max.3.3 kW
Rh, 75 μm Be Window
Rh, 50 μm Be Window, SampleCare protective coating
Rh, 28 μm Be Window, SampleCare protective coating
Cr, max.3.3 kW
Collimator Automatic collimator changer (up to 4)    
Analyzer crystals Automatic crystal changer (up to 8)
Included: XS-55, PET, LiF (200)
Optional: XS-B, XS-C, XS-N, XS-PET-C, XS-CEM, XS-Ge-C, LiF (220), LiF (420), ADP, Ge, TlAP, InSb, XS-N-HS, XS-100, XS-400, XS-InSb-C
DynaMatch™ Linear intensity range more than 13 million cps    
HighSense Detectors
Proportional flow counter and Scintillation Counter: Capacity more than 3 Mio cps, 2 Mio cps linear range
High Resolution and high Intensity Element Mapping with 0.3 mm and 1.25 mm spot (FWHM)
Automated Mask Changer Automatic masks : closed (SampleCare;) 34 mm, 28 mm, 23 mm, 18 mm, 8 mm (BeamGuide), 5 mm (BeamGuide)

TouchControl™ 1) Integrated touchscreen for easy and intuitive operation    
SampleCare™ 1)
X-ray tube and goniometer protected by contamination shields
Sample and spectrometer chamber separated by programmable vacuum seal
EasyLoad™ 1)
Automatic sample recognition
Portable sample trays
Power requirements 208 – 240 V (1P/3P)
50/60 Hz
208 V, 60 Hz (1P/3P)
230 V, 50/60 Hz (3P)
Compressed air Not required    
Detector gas   P5 gas (5% methane, 95% argon) for flow counter
P10 gas (10% methane, 90% argon) for flow counter
External cooling water No cooling water Cooling water
Water consumption automatically regulated and minimized, short term interruptions are compensated
(height x width x depth)
135 cm x 84 cm x 90 cm;
53.1” x 33.1” x 35.4”
135 cm x 84 cm x 104 cm;
53.1” x 33.1” x 41”
  Touchscreen: Allows additional width of 49 cm (19.3’’)    
  446 kg 476 kg  
Quality & safety DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
CE certified
Fully radiation protected system; radiation < 1 μSv/h (BfS 09/07 V RöV)
1) optional packages      

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