Solids Probes

Solids probes are ideal for a wide range of inorganic and biological samples, covering experiments like CP, double CP, MQMAS, REDOR, proton heteronuclear decoupling and combinations.

Solid States NMR Probes

Bruker’s solutions for solid state NMR are faster, more flexible, more automated and more accessible than ever before. Modern systems offer much higher magnetic fields up to 28.2 T, more efficient shielding, protection from external disturbances, and our fastest MAS probes offer a near tenfold increase in spinning speed. Solid state NMR’s reputation for being difficult to master has been superseded by a range of adaptable systems that are welcoming an ever broader range of new entrants to the field.

CPMAS or Solid State NMR probes are covering a wide range of various and very different applications. Samples are generally found in a wide range of inorganic and biological environments, covering experiments like CP, double CP, MQMAS, REDOR, proton heteronuclear decoupling and other combinations. Herein experiments cover all setups from 1D- to nD-Spectra with experimental times ranging from as short as minutes to several days for nD-correlation spectra.

Solid state NMR spectroscopy is a powerful method and CPMAS & static solid state NMR probes can be very valuable in many research areas:

In semi-ordered or ordered materials, such as batteries, important transport processes can be measured. Measuring the charge transport in batteries can help understand the reason for its conductivity.

For polymers, order, cross-linking and other local connectivity characteristics can be observed and correlated to material properties, thus enabling improved control in the chemical design process.

Together with mathematical chemistry, solid state NMR has become a key supplementary tool for crystallography.

In pharmaceutical applications the different polymorphic forms of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can be distinguished. This enables the quality control of starting materials, as well as the monitoring of excipient impact, the production process, and storage of the crystal form of the API.

Solid state NMR is becoming one of the most important tools for understanding complex insoluble protein systems, in both structural and dynamic concerns.


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