3D Optical Profilometry

Upgrade Your Optical Profiler

Maximize your productivity with system hardware and software upgrades

Hardware Upgrades

Computer Upgrade

The new Dell Precision computer with Windows 10 and the latest version of Vision64, version 5.70 enables new measurement capabilities, improved security, and enhanced remote support.

Automated FOV

The three position automated FOV allows quick swapping of FOV lenses from your computer.

Motorized XY Stage

The 6-inch automated XY stage enables stitching and stage automation.

High-Resolution Cameras

Bruker offers a selection of color and monochrome cameras to meet your application needs.

Automated 5-Position Turret

The automated five-position turret provides quick, efficient switching of objectives and adds objective parcentricity when used with a motorized XY stage. For use with all Bruker par-focal objectives.

Objectives and FOV Lenses

Increase capability of your optical profiler with Bruker objectives and FOV lenses. Bruker offers objectives with 1.5x to 115x magnifications.

Software Upgrades

AcuityXR Enhanced Resolution Measurement Mode

The AcuityXR measurement mode enhances the lateral resolution when using PSI (Phase Shifting Interferometry) or VXI measurement modes with the benefit of maintaining an equivalent field of view at higher resolution. It combines unique, patent-pending, hardware and software technology to enable select 3D Optical Surface Profilers to break the optical diffraction limit and deliver lateral resolutions that are traditionally unattainable with conventional interferometry techniques.

Advanced Production Interface

The Advanced Production Interface option significantly expands the Vision64 Production Mode with: (1) Customizable Workflow to add any number of processes prior to measurement sequence with operator prompts and instructions; (2) Data Entry Fields to prompt operators to enter process-specific information; and (3) Recipe Mapping to automatically map and load recipes based on information entered in the data entry fields.

Optical Analysis Package

The Optical Analysis software enables the use of common optical element analyses, including Zernike polynomial fitting.

SureVision Analysis Package

SureVision provides surface statistics on individual, user-defined regions within a dataset. Regions of interest are defined by customizable data templates through easy-to-use use wizards. Selected regional areas (islands) can be individually analyzed or grouped into larger regions, and a wide range of surface and height statistics can be computed for reach region. The result of each region can be analyzed in pass/fail criteria. This software supports full-automation measurements and varying material-type correction tables.

TCP/IP Runtime Control Server

This option allows external control of profilers via Vision's TCP/IP command set.

Thick and Thin Film Measurement

This software provides the capability to measure transparent and semi-transparent films. The minimum measurable film thickness is dependent upon the film material and objective selected, and the maximum film thickness measurable is 600 µm, but is sample-dependent.

MATLAB Scripts

This option enables a set of MATLAB scripts to import and export Vision data to MATLAB for offline processing. It includes a user analysis that can export data in real time to MATLAB for runtime data analysis, and the results can be returned to Vision for display and/or logged to a database.

Vision64 MAP Imaging Topography Software

This dongle enables the use of dedicated surface imaging, analysis and metrology software for Bruker's 3D optical microscopes.

Vision64 MAP Premium

This premium version of the dedicated surface imaging, analysis and metrology software for Bruker's 3D optical microscopes includes 2D Advanced Surface Texture, Contour, 2D Automotive, Basic Surface Texture, SPM Extension, 3D Advanced Surface Texture, 3D Fourier & Wavelets, Color Image Overlay, Co-localization, Surface Stitching, 4D Series, Statistics, Grains & Particles modules.

Cognex Pattern Recognition

Improve your automation routine with precise and automated positioning.

Enhanced Imaging Software

Real-time visual data build up while you are scanning.