Bruker Launches the G6 LEONARDO™ for Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen (ONH) Analysis by Inert Gas Fusion

Bruker announces today the launch of the new G6 LEONARDO™, an economic and robust inert gas fusion (IGF) analyzer





SampleCare employed in the G6 LEONARDO includes EZDriveTM, the proven electronic motion module for automatic and torque limited positioning of the crucible, operating without additional need for compressed air. It ensures improved electrical contact between crucible and electrodes, while protecting the crucible against damage. SampleCare is completed by a water-cooled sample port, that protects delicate samples from undesireable heating and hydrogen losses, as well as a high-capacity dust trap and an in-line particle filtering system. 

Bruker’s Smart Molecule Sequence measures the gases emitted by the sample directly with proven scientific principles for trustworthy results. It also allows oxygen determination without additional chemicals, ensuring high reliability and low cost of ownership. The sample temperature can be controlled with real-time temperature detection to prevent overheating and formation of unwanted byproducts. 

The G6 LEONARDO comes with ready-to-use precalibrated methods for industrial standard applications like ON or H in steel and titanium, O in copper, and OH in magnetic materials and titanium alloys. This makes the G6 LEONARDO a great choice for process and quality control in primary metal manufacturing and processing, ceramics, and additive manufacturing. 

Dr. Peter Paplewski, Product Line Manager for Bruker’s CS/ONH elemental analysis business, commented: “The G6 LEONARDO is available as a ready-to-use single (O, N, H) or dual element (ON or OH) analyzer. The system has been designed for the needs of emerging industrial applications like powder metallurgic processes, including additive manufacturing.” 

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DELHI, India - January 18, 2019 - At IFEX 2019, Bruker announces today the launch of the new G6 LEONARDOTM, an economic and robust inert gas fusion (IGF) analyzer for oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen (ONH) concentration measurements in inorganic samples. The G6 LEONARDO extends Bruker’s line of high-precision, compact and easy-to-maintain analyzers by introducing its well-proven SampleCareTM into IGF-analysis for metals and ceramics. The G6 LEONARDO with SampleCare technology deploys the reliable Smart Molecule SequenceTM for robust and precise elemental analysis of ONH. With its pre-calibrated standard methods and argon carrier gas instead of helium, the G6 LEONARDO addresses the needs of industrial process and quality control for easy and cost-effective operation.

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