Data Integrity and Analytical Instrumentation - Current Status

Join Sergey Arzhantsev, Ph.D., a research physicist working for CDER at the FDA, and Adrian Davis, PhD., the Data Integrity lead at Pfizer’s Pharmaceutical Sciences organisation, for a thought-provoking webinar on the subject of Data Integrity (DI). The goal of the webinar is to hold a high-level scientific discussion on the importance of DI within the pharmaceutical industry with views from the speakers on the overall trends relating to DI, for example:

  • What is the overall scope for DI in Pharma/Biopharma, and how does the speaker think that the scope is evolving?
  • Are there any major recent findings about the state of DI: are there any trends or emerging themes?
  • During product development, at what stage should DI become a significant focus of efforts; has that changed over the past few years?