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Bruker X-ray Sources

X-ray Source Technology is a Key Competence of Bruker AXS

Various fully integrated, state-of-the-art X-ray sources are available to generate the X-rays.

The industry-grade metal-ceramic sealed tube for line or spot focus.

The patented TWIST-TUBE for fast and easy switching between line and spot focus.

The microfocus X-ray (IµS) source boosts the intensity on small spots while consuming only very little power.

The TURBO X-RAY SOURCE (TXS) rotating anode provides highest intensities for line, spot and micro focus applications.

The revolutionary METALJET, based on liquid metal jet technology, provides unmatched X-ray source brilliance.

The High-Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source (TXS-HE) for highest intensity in point and line focus, available for D8 DISCOVER Plus.

These X-ray sources are combined with dedicated X-ray optics to efficiently capture the X-rays and turn them into an X-ray beam optimized for your application.

How are X-rays generated?

X-ray Sources

Metal-Ceramic Sealed Tube

For line and spot focus
Anode materials: Ag, Mo, Cu, Co, Cr, others on request


Easy switch between line and spot focus
Anode materials: Mo, Cu, Co, Cr, others on request

Micro-focus X-ray Source (IμS)

Boost intensity for small-spot applications
Anode materials: Cu (on request: Co, Cr, Mo, Ag)


Rotating anode providing highest intensity for line spot and mico-spot focus
Anode materials: Cu, Co, Cr, others on request

High-Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source (TXS-HE)

Rotating Anode for ATLASTM goniometer for point and line focus application
Anode materials: Cu, Co, Cr, Mo


Based on liquid metal jet technology providing highest brilliance of any in-house X-ray source
Anode material: Ga-alloy

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