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XRD Non-ambient Stages

Detailed knowledge of what happens to a sample at non-ambient conditions is essential for optimizing industrial processes, performing quality control, or for conducting research.
Modular chamber design

Our state-of-the-art X-ray diffractometers, D8 ADVANCE and D8 DISCOVER, enable fast data acquisition to efficiently study kinetics and thermodynamics at non-ambient conditions. All that is required is an additional, dedicated sample stage to study the effect of the environment under which the sample is used as parameters like temperature, atmosphere, humidity or pressure.

Our large portfolio of stages covers a vast range of non-ambient conditions such as, sample temperatures from 80 K up to 2300°C, different atmospheres (vacuum to reactive gas or relative humidity and pressure), for reflection or transmission geometry… and fits seamlessly to the DAVINCI design.

The Bruker AXS non-ambient portfolio also includes products from well-known 3rd party manufacturers e.g. Anton Paar and Oxford Cryosystems. As you may expect of an integrated solution, each of these non-ambient stages is fully software supported: from setting up a measurement to the final data evaluation.

Modular chamber design – Tailored for today, flexible for the future!

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