The D8 DISCOVER family is the most accurate, powerful and flexible X-ray diffraction solution on the market. Covering a vast range of applications from classic powder diffraction to cutting edge materials research, the D8 DISCOVER can be fully customized with the latest technology including high-performance X-ray sources, specialized optics, dedicated sample stages and multi-mode detectors.


The D8 DISCOVER is an all purpose X-ray analyzer family which can be configured for all X-ray diffraction- and scattering-based material research applications, including qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, structure analysis, high-resolution X-ray diffraction, reflectometry, reciprocal space mapping, gracing incidence diffraction (in-plane GID), gracing incidence small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS), stress and texture analysis, and micro-diffraction, depending on accessories.

DIFFRAC.DAVINCI guides the user to the optimal instrument configurations no matter what the applications is. The DIFFRAC.SUITE software package guides novice users through streamlined method development and execution while assisting experts in an unobtrusive manner. Powerful analysis software allows simple push button analysis with exceptional depth for those who are interested in achieving the best results.

The D8 DISCOVER Family includes the DISCOVER and DISCOVER Plus variations, differentiated by the standard D8 goniometer or the ATLAS goniometer.

Thanks to its very spacious enclosure, the D8 DISCOVER allows for costomized instrumental setups that push the limits of laboratory X-ray diffraction.

Which D8 DISCOVER is right for you?

Combining the industry leading D8 goniometer with the large DISCOVER cabinet into a multipurpose platform with top analytical performance.

The ATLAS goniometer raises the bar for precision and accuracy. With increased capacity, it opens new dimensions with the available Non-Coplanar arm.

Highlight Features

D8 DISCOVER Family Features

Spacious Safety Enclosure

The D8 DISCOVER enclosure offers one of the largest interiors in laboratory X-ray diffraction. Patented door technology allows seamless switching between slide-mode for fast access to change samples and swing mode for full access to the entire enclosure.

The status of the instrument is clearly displayed with LED X-ray status lights and interactive screen keys capable of showing exactly the current state of the instrument. The interior is lit with dimmable LED lighting. Cable management is built into the enclosure including a removable labyrinth for easy cable routing. The base of the unit uses a standard 19” rack mount design for mounting of accessory controllers such as temperature stages.

Ultimate safety and quality: The D8 DISCOVER fully complies with all current EU directives, therefore establishing and guaranteeing the world’s highest standards for analytical X-ray equipment including X-ray safety, machine safety, electrical safety, and electromagnetic compatibility.

D8 DISCOVER Family Features

Source Technologies

The D8 DISCOVER is available with a variety of source technologies. The sealed tube offers easy switching between radiation types and with Bruker’s unique TWIST-TUBE technology switching from line to point requires no utility disconnection. The IµS microfocus source coupled with MONTEL Optics creates a exceptionally brilliant beam up to 2 mm in size and perfectly parallel in both equatorial and axial directions. For maximum power, the TXS and TXS-HE with DAVINCI optics are designed to harness maximum yield from it’s rotating anode core. All three sources can further be refined with SNAP-LOCK modules.

D8 DISCOVER Family Features

Goniometer Technologies

Goniometers are the foundation of an X-ray diffractometer. The D8 DISCOVER is available with two options:

Our standard D8 goniometer features top of class performance with the industry’s only alignment guarantee for peak positions. Precision dovetail tracks allow easy repositioning of components with available distance detection for the EIGER2 R detectors on the secondary track. The center hub includes a high precision bayonet stage mounting mechanism to ensure the sample stage is positioned exactly in the center of the goniometer.

ATLAS is at the heart of every D8 DISCOVER Plus solution, taking materials research to a new level. With increased accuracy and beam positioning in both the equatorial and axial planes, ATLAS pushes the complete solution alignment guarantee even further. Additional load capacity allows unique new components including the TXS-HE source and Non-Coplanar arm.

D8 DISCOVER Family Features

Stage Technologies

The D8 DISCOVER features a large range of stage options including bayonet exchange and base mounted stages. XYZ stages include the Compact UMC, Compact UMC Plus 80/ 150 and large format UMC stages.

The Compact UMC Plus 150 not only combines 150 mm of X and Y travel with unlimited Phi rotation, but adds utility feedthroughs so accessories such as the two axis fine tilt stage can be mounted without the vacuum and electrical lines tangling.

Eulerian Cradles range from the Compact Cradle Plus with simple bayonet exchange, Centric Eulerian Cradle with 80 mm XY travel and UMC 1516 which can handle the largest samples. Specialty stages such as the UMC 150 HTS area also available for analysis of well plates. Accessories can be mounted on top of many stages to add functionality such as capillary mounting, vacuum chucks and non-ambient stages.

D8 DISCOVER Family Specifications




Exterior dimensions (h x w x d)

2,020 mm x 1,680 mm x 1,290 mm

(79.5” x 66.0” x 50.6”)

Weight (without optional electronics)

945 kg (2,085 lbs)


Single phase: 208 to 240 V

Three phases: 120 V, 230 V, 240 V

47 to 63 Hz

Water Cooling Sealed Tube: External
IµS: None
Sealed Tube: External
IµS: None
TXE-HE: External
Goniometer D8 ATLAS™ optional with non-coplanar arm
Component Recognition Automatic
Generator Power Sealed Tube: 3 kW - IµS: 50 W - TXS/TXS-HE: 6 kW
Radiation Safety 2014/30/EU Compliance
Electrical Safety 2014/35/EU compliance
Machine Safety 2006/42/EC compliance