S2 POLAR Applications

Oils – According to ASTM D6481, D7751

Additives in base oils are used to optimize engine performance and its lifetime. It is crucial to follow the tight specifications when blending lubricating oils. Analytical accuracy and precision count to ensure high product quality in combination with low production cost.

Based on the HighSense™ beam path with the HighSense ULS detector, the S2 POLAR provides high sensitivity for excellent analytical precision, lowest detection limits and optimum spectral resolution.

This enables S2 POLAR to perform fully norm-compliant multi-element oil analysis according to newest international regulations such as ASTM D6481 and D7751.

The following elements are covered by the S2 POLAR:

  • ASTM D6481-14: P, S, Ca, and Zn
  • ASTM D7751-16: Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, and Mo

But that’s not all, the S2 POLAR is ideal for quality control in base oil production, blending operations of lubricants and polymers as well as oil analysis in automotive industry. The S2 POLAR Ready-to analyze solutions minimize instrument set-up time and provide ‘One Button’ multi-elemental analysis. This leads to an economic and cost-effective oil analysis and pays back immediately.

S2 POLAR Oil Analyzer

  Specification Benefit
Applications Elemental analysis of additives in oils and polymers Elemental analysis optimized for petrochemical products

ASTM D6481-14: P, S, Ca, Zn,

ASTM D7751-16: Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, Mo

Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D6481 and D7751 including blanks,
set of standards, QC and DC samples

Further elements and norms on request

Norm-compliant analysis, internationally accepted

Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

Remarks * Optional packages