Light-Sheet Images in General Biology

See images of biological samples and fast, dynamic biological structures captured with light-sheet microscopy.

Other Applications

Mammalian Tumors

Mammalian tumors (red) growing in zebrafish (green). Imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Dr. Xi Yao and Dr. Zhangzhao Junjie
Model Animal Research Center of Nanjing University

Zebrafish Heart Beating

Zebrafish heart beating imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Prof. Jingxia Liu 
Huazhong Agricultural University

C. elegans Skeleton Protein Dynamics

Protein dynamics in C. elegans skeleton. Imaged on the InVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Dr. Chai Yongping and Dr. Ou Guangshuo
Tsinghua University

Daphnia Magna

Auto-fluorescence in Daphnia imaged on the MuVi SPIM.


Courtesy of:
Ellen Decaestecker and Luc De Meester
KU Leuven
Kortrijk, Belgium