EPR Resonators

Q-Band CW EPR Resonator

Enables Operation at Variable Sample Temperatures from 4 K to 300 K and Features an Optical Window

Investigations at Q-band (34 GHz) answer questions which can not be solved at lower microwave frequencies, like

  • the determination of g-factor variations of multi compounded substances.
  • the added advantages of higher sensitivity for small samples,
  • the simplification of spectra with large zero field couplings.

Q-Band is propably the most common 2nd EPR frequency and certainly a major cornerstone in multifrequency EPR. Bruker BioSpin's Q-Band EPR and ENDOR resonators comprise:

  • ER 5106 QT, standard Q-Band probe for CW-EPR
  • ER 5106 QT-W, standard Q-Band probe for CW-EPR with irradiation window
  • ER 5106 QT-E, Q-Band probe for CW-EPR and CW-ENDOR.

The Q-Band EPR and ENDOR resonators enable operation at variable sample temperatures from 4 K to 300 K and features an optical window (optional). Thus, quick and convenient sample exchange at any temperature becomes a common feature.

The Q-band probeheads are easy to operate and to tune. All cavities are fitted with a sample ruler for reproducible positioning of point samples. This is especially important when light irradiation is required to generate the radicals. (ER 5106QT-W Window version) .

The ENDOR resonator, ER 5106QT-E, is equipped with rf-coils and operates with max. 200 Watts in the range between 5 to 100 MHz. The Q-Band ENDOR resonator, ER 5106QT-E, completes the DICE-System by introducing FSK- and Stochastic-ENDOR in Q-Band. It combines the technical advances of the DICE-System with the resolution and sensitivity improvements of Q-Band ENDOR.


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