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New SA Instruments Animal Monitoring Software Version

SA Instruments has recently released a new PC-SAM software version (11.02) for Models 1030, 1025T and 1025 and recommends users to update to this latest version. The update includes a corrected ERT thermistor temperature reading for ERT Model 1030.

For ERT 1030 Modules with firmware version 38, previous software versions display systematically too high (Version < 10.03) or too low (10.3 ≤ Version < 11.00) temperature readings. The offset is in the range of 0.7°C at 37°C.

For temperature measures obtained with different PC-SAM versions, the corrected temperature (T1c) can be calculated from the measured temperature (T1):

  • For PC-SAM versions < 10.03:                                   T1c = 0.986 * T1 - 0.200
  • For PC-SAM versions < 11.00 and ≥ 10.03:            T1c = 1.105 * T1 - 3.073

Please note: We recommend to complete running studies before performing the software update.

PC-SAM 11.02 is available from the vendor website for download on (external link).

With a range of positioning systems to perfectly match instrument and individual needs, as well as animal cradles for basic and specialized applications, set-ups have never been faster or more straightforward.