amaZon SL Ion Trap

amaZon SL

El robusto caballo de batalla de las aplicaciones rápidas de LC/MS(n)

El instrumento básico de trampa de iones amaZon SL está diseñado para incrementar la productividad en el laboratorio analítico de cualquier tipo de aplicación: control de calidad, confirmación estructural o análisis de mezclas complejas.

amaZon SL ejecuta análisis químicos de calidad superior y altamente fiables para cualquier tipo de laboratorio. La tecnología de trampa de iones probada combinada con una fuente de iones sólida permite un funcionamiento ininterrumpido y convierte a este instrumento en un socio fiable para el trabajo diario de un laboratorio.

Software inteligente y fácil de utilizar

El conjunto de software SmartLine proporciona un acceso especialmente rápido y sencillo a flujos de trabajo analíticos que permite la generación inmediata de resultados fiables.

  • High sensitivity in the low fg range due to patented Dual Ion Funnel technology
  • Fast Scanning High-Capacity Ion Trap Technology provides unrivaled MS and MS/MS spectrum quality in terms of mass resolution and accuracy
  • Scanning speeds up to 32,000 u/s at full isotopic resolution deliver rapid duty cycles for both MS and MS/MS data sets, compatible with fast HPLC separations.
  • Fast polarity switching speeds up screening applications and increases reliability of results.
  • The SmartFrag™ algorithm ensures optimum fragmentation efficiency for any kind of compound and ensures full reproducible MS/MS spectra, ideal for library searches.
  • Fragmentation is possible up to the MS11 stage, allowing detailed structural investigation of compounds.
  • Monoisotopic isolation is ensured throughout the standard mass range.
  • The amaZon SL smoothly integrates with a wide variety of LC-systems, sample preparation modules and API sources.

Applications amaZon SL Ion Trap

Open Access Environment

The robust layout and thus low maintenance requirementsmake the amaZon SL ideally suited for OpenAccess environments, such as synthesis control or general QC.


Typical Application Areas include

  • General Chemistry LC/MSn

    • Structural Confirmation  using MSn Capabilities
    • Screening Applications with fast Polarity Switching
    • Quality Control, Synthesis Control

  • DirectProbe option
  • Metabolite ID & Profiling

Bruker Daltonics services are performed by factory trained and certified engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled.


Available services include:

  • Help desk service for a faster access to our support team, to your service order follow up and for general information
  • Planned maintenance, according to our requirement
  • Telephone support from highly-skilled troubleshooting professionals, to isolate and resolve hard- and software problems
  • Web-based remote instrument service for service diagnosis and applications support
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service
  • Spare parts availability typically over night or within a few working days worldwide
  • Compliance services for installation qualification, operational qualification / performance verification
  • Site planning and relocation
  • Advise to improve labs efficiency (consumable, method development & how to run the complete solution)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.