Labscape Maintenance Service Agreements

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Maintenance Service Agreements

Bruker LabScape maintenance service agreements are a key component for maximizing the duty cycle and reliability of your instrument. This leads to a significant increase in productivity while having complete cost control and maximum planning security. These flexible service solutions suit your needs and budget and include following options:

  • Modern remote support and diagnostics
  • Regular instrument maintenance
  • Unlimited on-site repairs
  • Original parts and supplies
  • Dedicated on-site training
  • Targeted application support
  • State-of-the art compliance services
  • Comprehensive software services

LabScape™ - Service & Lifecycle Support Brochure

Choose one of the following LabScape Maintenance Service Agreements available for selected MS, LC, GC, and SPR instruments:

LabScape Connect - Affordable remote service model. A basic package with unlimited remote acces with experienced factory-trained service engineers.

LabScape Essential - Ensure peak performance. A combination of remote support and routine annual maintenance helps you operate your instrument under its optimal conditions.

LabScape Access - Unlimited on-site repairs. A cost-effective solution for unforeseen instrument breakdowns and high-priority support with unlimited on-site repair visits, including spare parts.

LabScape Complete - All the support you need. A comprehensive solution providing complete service coverage including spare and wear and tear parts which helps you avoid instrument failures, costly repairs, and down-time

LabScape Complete 48 - All the support you need within 48 hours. A VIP package including guaranteed on-site response within 48 hours to resolve the problem before it affects your business.

Remote Services LabScape
Complete 48
Remote Monitoring*

Unlimited Priority Remote Support
Software services          
Compass & Data Analysis SW Upgrades
Postprocessing SW Licenses & Upgrades**   discount discount premium discount premium discount
Upgrade of Postprocessing Software**       1 Voucher p.a 1 Voucher p.a
Regular Maintenance          
Regular Maintenance Work and Parts  
On-site Repair Services and Parts          
Unlimited Repair Visits incl. Spare Parts    
Wear and Tear Part Replacement discount discount discount
Loaner Equipment*        
Compliance Services          
Operational Qualification / Perform. Validation         included
On-site Response Service Level          
On-site Response     3-5 business days 3-5 business days 2nd business day
Additional benefits          
Consumable Parts discount discount discount premium discount premium discount
Operation Training or Applications Training discount discount discount premium discount premium discount

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