COVID-19 Customer Update

Information for the attention of our valued Bruker BioSpin customers


Communication is often the most important and at the same time the most critical element in an organization, especially in emergency and crisis situations. Therefore, at Bruker BioSpin, we set up a COVID-19 taskforce. Our task force and regional and functional leaders evaluate the situation daily and escalate special events and circumstances immediately. Our taskforce lead is available 24/7, in case we need to take immediate action(s).


Bruker BioSpin has a mature supplier management system in place. We are in frequent contact with our main suppliers including the next levels of sub-suppliers to ensure material availability. However with the developments in the different regions and countries and our portfolio of specialized partners we see temporary interruptions in the supply chain at the moment. Also transportation remains critical depending on the country. We work hard to minimize the impact on our deliveries.



Bruker BioSpin´s production facilities are in France, Germany and Switzerland and our highly qualified staff can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Due to our very specific portfolio with high-quality and high-performance systems, we would not be able to change production facilities on short-term notice as might be possible in other industries. For this reason, we place a lot of emphasis on preventive measures for our employees, so that we can ensure the continuity of our operations.

Delivery & Installation

Subject to government measures, Bruker BioSpin stands ready to deliver and install systems at customer sites throughout the world. We continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation and take appropriate measures. With proper governance and frequent communication, we are able to react promptly and we will inform you in case of potential delays. In order to be able to better plan the assignments of our service engineers, we kindly ask you to contact your service representative as soon as possible, if you or your facility or organization plans any new specific measures, like prohibiting access for external parties.

We are all facing this challenging situation together and give our best every day to fulfill our contracts and service our customers to the best of our ability.

Thank you for reading this information carefully and for considering our suggestions. We are convinced that we will master this situation together and strengthen our partnership even more.

Best regards,

Your Executive Management Team

Bruker BioSpin Group