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Industrial Minerals

Analytical solutions for the mining and beneficiation of vital and useful non-metallic minerals

Innovative Tools for Indispensable Minerals

Industrial minerals are indispensable in people's daily lives, but rarely make headlines. Industrial minerals and materials encompass all mining that is not for fuel, metals or gemstones, and may include limestone (calcium carbonate), gypsum, barite, garnet, zircon, borates, salts, industrial sand, industrial diamonds, feldspars, soda ash, phosphates, talc and wollastonite. However, the highly competitive industrial minerals market drives a need for efficiency and innovation. Bruker knows that the analytical needs for industrial minerals are as varied as their uses. Bruker partners with customers of all sizes to deliver innovative and comprehensive analytical solutions that fit every workflow and budget.

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Bauxite in the palm


Bauxite (aluminum hydroxides, gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore) is the primary source for aluminum (Al). Explore how Bruker’s analytical instrumentation can improve efficiency by accurately determine concentration of aluminum, grade, and identification of penalty elements.
Industrial saw


Diamonds are not just a gemstone but are critical in many industrial processes, as the hardest naturally occurring crystalline solid with the highest room temperature thermal conductivity. Bruker’s analytical technologies provide confidence and efficiency to the entire diamond mining or production workflow.
Mineral sands

Heavy Mineral Sands

Heavy mineral sands continuing rutile, ilmenite, zircon, monazite, and xenotime are sources for pigments, titanium feedstock, glazes, industrial additives, rare earth elements, and abrasives. Learn how Bruker can bring innovative workflow solutions to heavy mineral sands exploration and production.

Iron Ore

The iron ore industry is dedicated to safety and environmental protection while maintaining profitability. Explore Bruker’s full range of analytical solutions to support iron ore from exploration to remediation and from the mine face through beneficiation.
Limestone crusher

Limestone and Gypsum

Limestone (CaCO3) and Gypsum are used in many industrial processes from an additive in steel, the primary ingredient in cement, food, building materials and pharmaceuticals. Bruker’s tools empower continuous product quality control, effective grade control, and contaminant control.