About Failure Analysis, Customer Complaints and Troubleshooting

µ-FTIR in Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting - LUMOS II Hands-on and Live Q&A

This webinar will show you the analysis of two standard samples in failure analysis and troubleshooting with the LUMOS II. This webinar will be provided as an on-demand webinar afterwards.

Our application specialist Eric Klein skips lengthy PowerPoint presentations and welcomes you directly to our demo lab for a hands-on instrument session. After 20 minutes of analyzing typical samples, Eric will answer your questions about using µ-FT-IR in your daily QC and failure analysis for at least 30 minutes.

About the samples:

  • The first sample is a typical customer complaint which was returned due to an unknown contaminant on the products surface.
  • The second sample is is a product contamination found during quality control. It is analyzed to understand the contamination route and prevent recurrence.

Content of webinar:

  • Measurement two typical µ-FT-IR samples
  • Detection and identification of unknown contaminants
  • Q&A session on failure analysis by FT-IR

What you'll learn:

  • How to FT-IR microscopy is used to analyze contaminations.
  • How to apply the LUMOS II FT-IR microscope
  • How to evaluate using OPUS software

About the Presenter:

Eric Klein has been with Bruker for 10 years and started out as an application scientist. During this time, he has acquired a great deal of expertise in infrared microscopy and, as a product manager, played a leading role in the development of LUMOS II. The session will be moderated.

(available till 1st December 2020)