Microbial Identification

MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System

The MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System: elevate your microorganism identification

The MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System: elevate your microorganism identification

Discover rapid and accurate microorganism identification with the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System. Based on the state-of-the-art MALDI Biotyper® sirius platform, you can also rely on the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System for delivering high throughput and fast time-to-result.

Rapid identification results
Swift analysis of 600 samples/hour
Top-level performance with IDealTune™
Effortless system optimization,  
without any extra cost

Unparalleled performance on a compact scale

Built upon the state-of-the-art MALDI Biotyper® sirius platform, the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System delivers exceptional performance with high throughput and quick time-to-result. Its sleek design seamlessly merges the renowned features of its predecessors with advanced electronics, ensuring optimal system functionality.

Key features

Benchtop Solution: The MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System provides a convenient benchtop solution for seamless installation and maintenance in modern laboratories. Weighing just 75kg, it boasts a small system footprint, making it the lightest product in its range. 

One Polarity Solution: Offering a single polarity solution (positive ion mode MALDI-TOF), the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System is ideal for routine workflows in microorganism identification. 

Bespoke Laser Technology: The smartbeam™ lifetime* laser, developed exclusively by Bruker, ensures optimal performance across the MALDI Biotyper® product range. 

MBT Compass HT Software packages enhance the performance and security of your MALDI Biotyper® System, while bringing the system’s speed and efficiency to new heights, enabling fast analysis of up to 600 samples per hour. The MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System’s performance is kept at top level with the novel zero-effort IDealTune™ feature - the perfect solution for seamless performance optimization, without any additional cost or inconvenience.

*Lifetime refers to 7 years or 500 million shots, whichever comes first.


  • Low Maintenance: The integrated ion source cleaning, controlled by a simple mouse click, eliminates the need for vacuum release. This feature significantly reduces maintenance downtime, ensuring uninterrupted workflows. 
  • Faster Time-to-Result: Enhanced by a high-capacity vacuum pump and advanced electronics, the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System offers a quicker target exchange time compared to the previous generation of MALDI Biotyper® systems. The new sirius electronics enable faster x/y-stage movements, translating to faster time-to-result. 
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The advanced electronics in the MALDI Biotyper® sirius one System deliver a compact and lightweight product, boasting improved environmental credentials and reduced risk of components obsolescence. 
  • Sleek New Design: The visually appealing housing supports easy system disinfection, while the prominent LED strip offers remote observation of system status.

A solution for every microbiology lab

The MALDI Biotyper sirius one System is available in four different solution packages. Please contact your local representative for availability in your country:

MALDI Biotyper® sirius one IVD System

An IVD CE system for in vitro diagnostic identification of microorganisms originating from human specimens.

For professional use only. Not for sale in the USA.

MALDI Biotyper® sirius one CA System

Cleared USA FDA approval under Section 510(k) for the identification of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and yeast, cultured from human specimens.

For prescription use only.
Only for sale in the USA and Puerto Rico.

MALDI Biotyper® sirius one RUO System

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