Workflow-based tools for your cardiology research. quantification of myocardial blood flow powered by PMOD’s gold-standard kinetic modeling. Parallel processing of rest and stress scans. Left ventricular function including wall-thickening analysis in our Cardiac MRI tool. All on a backbone of flexible functionality for multimodality image processing.
Clear step-wise processing
Multimodality tools



Trusted Kinetic Modeling
30 years experience in fully-quantitative PET
Save workflows, components and protocols


  • Parallel stress vs. rest processing – built-in comparison and reporting
  • Reproducible workflows through protocols
  • Automated cardiac reorientation
  • AHA17 and ASNC20 segment models for PET/SPECT
  • Models for Ammonia, water, Rubidium, Acetate and FDG PETCardio Package
  • Cardio Package


  • PET/SPECT quantification
  • Multimodality segmentation
  • AI-based segmentation
  • Myocardial blood flow & glucose consumption
  • Ventricular function
  • Flexible modeling & mapping
  • Extensions for CFD and 4D-flow

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