My Story: Steven, General Manager

„I have a masters degree in engineering and work as General Manager at Bruker Optics China. As a manager with a technical background I am responsible for many tasks such as managing staff, marketing operations, HR activities and sales marketing.“

Quality of products, applications and services are crucial to succeed in highly competitive and dynamically growing markets such as China. It is because of Bruker’s distinctive focus on quality that Steve chose to join us where he now can contribute to the sales success of the company.

China’s growing manufacturing industries are in fast-increasing need for advanced research and QA/QC solutions, based on advanced optical spectroscopy technologies such as Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman. Cutting-edge analytical technologies enable manufacturers to produce and deliver high-quality products, ensuring the quality of testing throughout the entire development and manufacturing processes.



My Life

Today, I have 20 years of experience in the analytical industry. I like to coordinate teams and processes, so that they can fulfill their tasks and reach challenging objectives. My job requires both leadership skills and specialist knowledge, which I like very much.

Before I became General Manager at Bruker Optics China in 2012, I had worked in several positions such as District Sales Manager and President Business Development. As a District Sales Manager, I was responsible for the development and management of regional business in China with the goal of maximizing sales which meant a lot of traveling and hard work. In my free time I like to keep fit by doing lots of sports like golf, skiing, badminton or mountain hiking.



My Role

My role as General Manager at Bruker Optics in China has many different facets. It is not only about managing and coordinating staff but also communicating with existing and prospective customers, drawing up marketing plans, controlling costs – and carrying out HR activities. It is a demanding task to act in very fast-growing market like China since the challenges are very different from those in established markets. So, despite the speed of developments, we have to maintain Bruker’s distinctive high-quality standards in all fields of business, including marketing and sales.

Sales Marketing is one of the most important activities in my business, contributing to our company’s prosperity and growth of revenue. HR is also crucial because strong and fast growth also means to continuously increase our staff capacity, if needed. To do so, we keep watching out for top-talents in the markets and at universities.