Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

Investing in Green Infrastructure – Part 2

Corporate Social Repsonsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

Investing in Green Infrastructure – Part 2

According to a 2017 report by the Carbon Majors Database, just 100 companies are responsible for a massive 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The onus is firmly on large companies to set the example and lead the way in tackling climate change.

In addition to the pioneering eco developments taking place at our Swiss hub in Fällanden, our Ettlingen campus in Germany is making significant investments in environmentally friendly infrastructure. Every building meets stringent German energy efficiency requirements.

As part of this project, a new campus is being constructed, which gives us the opportunity to build a green site from the ground up. As well as state-of-the-art laboratories and application spaces, an 'energy hub' will power the whole campus, using gas rather than the previous oil system. This central station will eliminate the need for individual heating and cooling units in each building, leading to a 34% reduction in CO2 emissions from heating as well as a more reliable cooling system.

We have also completely overhauled our electricity supply and centralized the compressed air system, which has reduced energy consumption by around 70%. Hot water is now all heated through heat recovery from the compressor.

As well as the new campus, our main building at Ettlingen, known as 'the Tower', is being completely refurbished. Part of this renovation is to upgrade the building's lighting: by switching to LED bulbs, we estimate an energy saving of around 51W per lamp. Additionally, the revamp will provide new work spaces for all employees, including height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs, coffee stations and breakout spaces to create a relaxing and productive working environment.

The developments at both the Swiss and German campuses showcase our commitment to sustainable infrastructure and employee wellbeing, and aim to lead the way in our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.