Bruker Launches the S6 JAGUARTM Benchtop WDXRF System for Elemental Analysis in Industry and AcademiaBruker Launches the S6 JAGUARTM Benchtop WDXRF System for Elemental Analysis in Industry and Academia

Bruker today announces the launch of the new S6 JAGUAR™

FRANKFURT, Germany – June 11, 2018 – At ACHEMA 2018, Bruker today announces the launch of the new S6 JAGUARTM, an exceptionally powerful and versatile benchtop Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer. The S6 JAGUARextends Bruker’s range of XRF instruments by closing the gap between floor standing WDXRF and benchtop EDXRF instruments. It combines excellent analytical performance based on cutting-edge technology with compact size and ‘plug& analyze’ installations. 

The S6 JAGUAR outperforms other compact WDXRF instruments by offering highest sensitivity and 50% reduction in measurement times, due to its compact WDXRF goniometer, closely coupled X-ray optics, and 400 Watt excitation power. Based on the novel, solid-state HighSense XETM detector with linear range of two million counts per second, the S6 JAGUAR delivers excellent accuracy and precision for quality control in industrial labs for minerals, mining, chemistry, petro-chemistry, and cement. The S6 JAGUARcomponents are protected by Bruker’s SampleCareTM technology, ensuring high instrument uptime and low cost of operation, also when running liquid or powder samples. 

The compact WDXRF goniometer combined with the HighSense detector enhance both sensitivity and spectral resolution, providing great flexibility and performance for academic and industrial materials research. With up to four sample masks for different sample sizes, up to four analyzer crystals, and two detectors, the S6 JAGUAR enables fast multi-element analysis for the concentration range from ppm to 100%. 

SPECTRA.ELEMENTSTM, the new S6 JAGUAR software, provides quick setup of applications, enhanced evaluation, and comprehensive reporting. The standardless quantification software SMART-QUANT WDTM delivers accurate results, even for unknown samples, based on powerful fundamental parameter algorithms. 

Bruker’s multilingual TouchControlTM interface and EasyLoaderTM sample handling ensure intuitive, fail-safe operation. In addition to its broad application range, the S6 JAGUAR is suited for minerals and cement with the ready-to-analyze solutions GEO-QUANT BasicTM and CEMENT-QUANTTM. Pre-calibrated application packages and minimum installation requirements, using standard electrical outlets, and not requiring compressed air, make the S6 JAGUAR a ‘plug & analyze’ tool. The AXSCOMTM automation interface enables integration of the S6 JAGUAR into automated industrial laboratories. 

Dr. Kai Behrens, the Bruker XRF Product Line Manager, commented: “The speed and analytical flexibility of the S6 JAGUAR are unique in its class. Analytical precision and accuracy based on 400W excitation power in its small benchtop form factor make the S6 JAGUARan excellent WDXRF analyzer for industrial research and QC, as well as for academic and government research laboratories.” 

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