Intelligent Use of NMR for Synthetic Organic Chemistry

NMR is a powerful technique, but not all are created equal. The difference with many spectrometers is not in the hardware, but in the operator that tailors the data acquisition around the question at hand. In this webinar, you will learn about the recent advances in the SmartDriveNMR software which is mimicking the NMR expert steering the instrument for the task of synthesis control.

Bruker has previously introduced the SmartDriveNMR through a webinar, and this time round this webinar will focus on the advances made in acquiring and interpreting spectra within the last year, and the benefits that the new version brings.

SmartDriveNMR software has become a standard across all of Bruker's NMR instruments and provides an efficient way of interpreting the spectral data. The new software has been designed with a much simpler usability that it is now tailored to a much wider range of use cases. The basic idea of the new software has not changed, but the sample acquisition has improved and is more efficient when producing 2D spectra.

What to Expect

The webinar will look at the new version of the SmartDriveNMR software, including how the acquisition technology within the software can produce fail-safe Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS) 2D spectra, i.e., a spectrum where the sampling amount is optimized.

The webinar will also highlight the shift away from mandatory automatic structure verification and towards optimized data quality and how the software is now more less-restrictive and more user friendly.

Key Topics

The main points that viewers can take away from the webinar will be:

  • The easy sample submission for a SmartDriveNMR run with the different input options will be introduced.
  • The different aspects of data quality will be highlighted including automatic experiment selection, NUS acquisition, Signal-to-Noise optimization and Solvent suppression.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be of interest to people who own spectrometers, those who are in charge of purchasing spectrometers, are heads of research or the head of an analytical lab in the pharmaceutical, chemical or crop science industry. From an academic perspective, this webinar will also be of use to organic chemists.

Additionally, this webinar will be a great follow up for anyone who attended the last SmartDriveNMR webinar held by BrukerBioSpin in September 2017 (On-the-fly NMR Synthesis Control Using Bruker’s Automation Technologies).


Dr. Bjoern Heitmann

Product Manager for SmartDriveNMR at Bruker BioSpin

Studied physics at both undergraduate and PhD level, with his postgraduate studies focused around protein NMR. Since then, Bjoern has undertaken multiple postdoc positions before joining Bruker BioSpin in the R&D department. Bjoern has been with Bruker since 2006 and currently heads the Software R&D department.

Dr. Barbara Czarniecki

NMR Application Scientist at Bruker BioSpin

Barbara Czarniecki completed her DSc in Organometallic Chemistry at ETH Zurich, which following graduation, she continued to research and teach.