TIME TO SHARE - An Insight into Bacteria

Bruker Online Symposium on Bacteria - Join us and a distinguished panel of experts for an international mini-symposium An Insight into Bacteria

We at Bruker JPK BioAFM are delighted to invite you to join us and a distinguished panel of experts to an international mini-symposium An Insight into Bacteria.

There is growing recognition that a multidisciplinary approach is crucial to unravelling the complex biomolecular mechanisms involved in the interactions between pathogens and host cells, and microbes and the cell membrane, and to understanding how these interactions influence the autophagic response.

Each of our speakers has an interdisciplinary background, and during this short symposium will provide exciting new insights into topics such as combining AFM with advanced genetic manipulation to investigate the nanomechanical properties of proteins at the single-cell and single-molecule level and protein involvement in microbial adhesion, mechanosensing and biofilm-associated infections. Other topics include the viscoelastic response of cells to mechanical stress during interactions with pathogens, and high-resolution AFM imaging of live bacteria, their cell envelopes and membrane proteins at molecular resolution, and even the perforation of the outer membrane by immune proteins.  

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