NMR Software

Dynamics Center

Bruker is the creator of Dynamics Center which is a non-frequency dimensions NMR analysis software. It is an easy to use and integrated platform.


Dynamics Center

Dynamics Center is an easy-to-use and integrated platform featuring general dynamics and protein dynamics. It offers intuitive, method oriented workflows for the analysis of a wide range of experiments. All methods include components for sample description, data selection, analysis, result viewing, report (pdf) generation and export (text, EXCEL) functions. User input is minimized if experiments are performed with Bruker pulse programs. Multiple parallel execution of different methods is straightforward.

Dynamics Center 2.8

Dynamics Center offers the unique option to set all parameters from external programs at runtime and trigger a complete analysis. This allows a flexible integration of the software into various automation environments. Dynamics Center can be integrated with TopSpin via a tool bar containing elements for automatic processing, manual peak picking and automated analysis. Standard analysis parameters are supplied internally.

Time Domain Dynamics

Time Domain Dynamics is a new and exciting tool for the extraction of relaxation information from NMR time domain data recorded with Bruker’s benchtop minispec. As part of Dynamics Center, it offers the standard method oriented workflow for easy analysis and reporting. Multiple samples or different fitting functions can be analyzed in parallel.

The software is ideally suited for routine applications, optimization of experiments and additionally provides the infrastructure for automated analysis of large sample batches.


  • Unified, easy-to-use workflow for all kinds of relaxation, diffusion and kinetics analyses
  • Client/Server architecture for usage in any programming environment
  • Highly efficient multiple, parallel analysis of any types of spectra: series of 1Ds / 2Ds / 3Ds, pseudo 2Ds, pseudo 3Ds and time domain data
  • Automatic data fitting and best model selection
  • Library of predefined fitting functions
  • Option for user defined fitting functions
  • Powerful algorithm for Inverse Laplace Transformation
  • Unique interactive multi spectra display features
  • Easy data opening by drag and drop
  • Available on Windows, Linux and Mac