Bruker Training Courses Worldwide

Overview of all Bruker Corporation training courses in our wide range of Centers of Excellence


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Advanced Single Crystal DiffractionMadison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2017-10-23
Basics in XRDKarlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-10-23
MetabonomicsRheinstetten, GermanyMagnetic Resonance2017-10-23
Into Single Crystal DiffractionMadison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2017-10-30
TXRF/ S2 PICOFOXBerlin, GermanyX-ray Microanalysis2017-11-01
SPECTRA plus Version 3 for S8 TIGER Systems (XRF)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2017-11-06
SPECTRA plus Version 2.0 & 3.0 for S8 TIGER (XRF)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-11-06
Powder Applications (XRD)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2017-11-13
Small Angle X-ray Scattering (XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-11-13
Advanced ImagingEttlingen, GermanyMagnetic Resonance2017-11-13
Advanced Application Chemical Crystallography (SC-XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-11-14
Image Quality and PeakForce QNMSanta Barbara, CA, USASurface Analysis2017-11-15
SPECTRA.ELEMENTS (XRF)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-11-20
ParaVision ProgrammingEttlingen, GermanyMagnetic Resonance2017-11-20
S8 TIGER Hardware (XRF)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2017-11-21