LabScape On-Site, On-Demand

Bruker invests heavily in training and professional development for engineers and application scientists, ensuring you receive the best service from experts well versed on the latest techniques. Our customers can rely upon us to provide the full range of products, support and assistance necessary to achieve optimal productivity and performance from day one.

LabScape Relocate

Whether across your laboratory, across your site or across the world - moving instruments is not a trivial undertaking.

Your benefits

  • Peace of mind turnkey solution
  • Fully inclusive relocation service with planning, decommissioning, packing, insured transportation, reinstallation and full operational tests
  • Bruker expertise to protect your investment and allow you to focus on the science

LabScape Repair

Occasional service needs are inevitable with any complex analytic instrument: we are at your side to ensure your system is up and running.

Your benefits

  • Reduced downtime with the support of Bruker experts
  • High quality original Bruker spare parts

LabScape Evolve

Technology moves fast! Nothing stands still in this ever changing world and neither should your Bruker instrumentation. LabScape Evolve allows our customers to improve system capability over time to benefit from the latest hardware and software technologies available to the market.

Your benefits

  • The latest accessories and software upgrades to optimize your instrument throughput
  • Access to the latest state-of-the art Bruker solutions

LabScape Maintenance

Planned maintenance are also available as stand-alone on demand operations.

Your benefits

  • High standard of service execution
  • Optimal instrument performance is ensured