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Phase Identification with XRD using DIFFRAC.EVA and Sample Preparation

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Atibaia, SP, Brazil

4 days


The training aims at the improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge related with Identification of Crystalline Phases by X-Ray Diffraction using the DIFFRAC.EVA software, for users and non users of BRUKER, that already working with this analytical technique.


  • Basic theory of X-rays and X-ray diffraction,
  • Sample Preparation,
  • Influence of particle size on the diffraction patterns,
  • Types of equipment and Geometry - theta-theta and theta-2theta,
  • Accessories and possible types of analyzes,
  • Bruker detectors Technology.


  • Sample Preparation for XRD,
  • Accessories for Diffraction,
  • Diffractometers: D2 PHASER and D8 ADVANCE,
  • Analysis of real samples in D2 PHASER (with different parameters),
  • Analysis of real samples in D8 ADVANCE (with different parameters),
  • DIFFRAC. MEASUREMENT SUITE – Operation, analysis parameters and tools.
  • Introduction to DIFFRAC.EVA,
  • Databases: COD and PDF,
  • Phase Identification,
  • Peak Search,
  • Background Correction,
  • Removal Kα2,
  • Smooth,
  • Displacement,
  • X-Offset,
  • Y-Offset,
  • Y - Scale Factor,
  • Peak Area.