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Sample Preparation for X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Part No Location Dates Duration Language
BRA005PAXRF-PT Atibaia, SP, Brazil None scheduled 2 days Portuguese

The training aims at the improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge related with sample preparation for chemical elemental analysis by EDXRF and WDXRF, for users and non-users of BRUKER, with or without experience with these analytical techniques.

Theory & Practice

  • Introduction to sample preparation,
  • Types of sample preparation: Pressed, bead, liquid and direct analysis,
  • Preparation for pressing - Parameters,
  • Types of Binders concentration and influence on the analytical result,
  • Preparation for pressing - Influence of particle size and mineralogy in the analytical results,
  • Presses types: manual, automatic and semi-automatic,
  • Preparation by Fusion - Parameters.
  • Principles of Fusion: How to select the correct flux?
  • Release agents and oxidizers,
  • Fluxes in bulk, sachet and / or weighing machine.
  • Utensils for preparing fused samples: crucibles, molds and tweezers,
  • Selection and care in platinum ware handling,
  • Platinum utensils Recovery: Reform x Polishing,
  • Comparing methods: What is better, pressing or fusion?
  • Preparation of Liquid Samples,
  • Types of membranes, applications and its influence on the analytical result.
  • Direct sample analysis: When to apply?
  • Preparation for pressing - Step by Step,
  • Preparation for Fusion and use of additives - Step by Step,
  • Preparation of liquid samples - Step by Step,
  • Direct analysis of samples.