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X-ray Diffraction Dedicated to Quality and Process Control in Mining

Part No Location Dates Duration Language
BRA009XRDI-PT Atibaia, SP, Brazil None scheduled 3 days Portuguese

The training covers the application of XRD technique in the quality and production control for optimization of the mining activity, involving the identification and quantification of crystalline phases and also the clusters analysis tool.


  • Basic Principles of X-Ray Diffraction and comparison with other methods (SEM, TEM, etc)
  • Sample Preparation and Its Influences on XRD Results: focus on major problems for mining industry (Theory and Practice)
  • DIFFRAC.EVA Software: Introduction to Main Functions and Applications in Mineral Identification
  • Hands-on training - DIFFRAC.EVA Software: Phases Identification, Semi-Quantitative Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Crystallinity Degree and Amorphous Content and other functions applied to Mineral Identification.
  • DIFFRAC.TOPAS Software: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis Phase – The Rietveld Method
  • Hands-on training - DIFFRAC.TOPAS: Quantitative Analysis Phases of Mineral Phases in Mineral Samples
  • TOPAS BBQ Software: Introduction to Automatic Analysis Solution