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How Bruker has been driven by the idea to always provide the best technological solution for each analytical task for more than 50 years now


Its long-standing presence in and support for the Chinese research community began with initial NMR installations over 40 years ago. In 1975 Bruker arrived in China, where a successful appearance at the Swiss Industrial Exhibition in Beijing resulted in the immediate sale of two WH 90 systems—the first FT-only NMR spectrometers.

In 2011 we celebrated the opening of the Center of Excellence in Shanghai, followed by the sales and service office in Guangzhou (opened in 2013). Meanwhile we expanded our original applications and support center in Beijing by 50% and now we further grow our operations there with new facilities in Beijing. The new Center of Excellence has larger, modern demo facilities, reflecting our increased investment and our commitment to the Chinese market.

Bruker continues to build upon its extensive range of products and solutions, its broad base of installed systems and a strong reputation among its customers. Being one of the world's leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker is strongly committed to further fully meet its customers’ needs as well as to continue to develop state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions for today's analytical questions.

Today over 300 employees are working on this permanent challenge all over China.

In addition to expanding our demo space, we are reaching out to our Chinese customers by offering Educational Webinars presented by our Chinese colleagues in Chinese language.

We are also active on Chinese social media like WeChat.

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Beijing Office

8F, Tower C, Building B-6, No.66 Xi Xiao Kou Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100192, China
Tel:+86 10 58333000

Bruker Beijing Office
Bruker Beijing Office

Shanghai Office

9F, Building NO.1, Lane 2570, Hechuan Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai 200233,China 
Tel:+86 21 51720800

Bruker Shanghai Office
Bruker Shanghai Office

Guangzhou Office

No.A12, 6th floor, The Place, No.618, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510200, China
Tel:+86 20 22365885

Chengdu Service Center

No. 98 Liangshuijing East Road,
Pidu District, Chengdu
Tel : 400-898-1088

Jiangsu Service Center

No. 79 Gaohe Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Tel : 400-898-1088

Bruker Opens Beijing Center of Excellence

Bruker recently celebrated the opening of the Beijing Center of Excellence. This expansive and modern demo facility will serve as our headquarters in China and support this growing and dynamic market. Read the full press release.

Bruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceBruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceBruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceTim Shi Bruker Open Beijing Center of Excellence
Bruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceBruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceJiang GuibinZhang Yukui
Bruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceBruker Open Beijing Center of ExcellenceTony MattachioneBruker Corporation