Scientist working with cell cultures

Subunit Analysis Data Quality

A mass accuracy better than 1 ppm on subunit analysis allows fast and easy detection of high level modifications in biotherapeutics without the bottlenecks associated with detailed peptide map analysis.

Subunit analysis is ideal for; Biosimilar development, Stability studies, Comparability studies, Clone comparisons, Antibody Drug Conjugates, Lead verification.

Example shows subunit analysis of the Light Chain of adalimumab. The incredibly high quality raw data obtained ensures characterization confidence and maximizes sample information, allowing detection of any unexpected modifications which may affect drug safety & efficacy.


For subunit (Middle Down) characterization maXis II & impact II ESI TOF offer baseline isotopic resolution, sub ppm mass accuracy and True Isotopic Patterns.

Full resolution (<80,000) is uniquely achieved at full resolution and sensitivity at UHPLC time scale allowing simultaneous characterization of all subunits or product & impurities in a single analysis.

The incredibly high quality raw data generates True Isotopic Patterns which along with industry leading dynamic range delivers accurate quantitation of product & impurities in a single analysis.