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核磁共振波谱法测定新冠病毒RNA 成分的二级结构

Christian Richter from GU Frankfurt will discuss how he and his colleagues are part of the organization researching COVID19 with NMR.
This webinar took place on July 21st 2020

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Dr. Anna Wacker
Dr. Anna Wacker
Anna Wacker works as a PostDoc in the Schwalbe Lab. Her main research focus lies on conserved RNA elements involved in regulatory pathways in prokaryotes. For Covid19-NMR, she uses her experience in RNA structural characterization by NMR spectroscopy to coordinate the workflow of RNA sample design, production, measurement, assignment and screening.
Dr. Christian Richter
Dr. Christian Richter
Christian Richter is an NMR expert who is jointly responsible for the supervision of the high-resolution NMR spectrometers at the institute. He has also developed new NMR experiments for the conformational determination of RNA. In addition, he has developed methods for side chain assignment in unfolded protein. C. Richter has also established fragment based screening experiments for RNA and proteins in the institute.