amaZon SL Ion Trap

amaZon SL

The Robust Workhorse for Fast LC-MSn Applications

The entry-level amaZon SL ion trap instrument is designed to increase productivity in the analytical lab for any kind of application, e.g. quality control, structural confirmation or screening of complex mixtures. The amaZon SL makes high-quality and high-confidence chemical analysis available to any lab. Proven ion trap technology combined with a rugged ion source enables full 24/7 operation and makes this instrument a reliable partner for daily laboratory work.

Smart & Easy-To-Use Software

The SmartLine software suite provides particularly quick and easy access to analytical workflows enabling the immediate generation of reliable results.

  • High sensitivity in the low fg range due to patented Dual Ion Funnel technology
  • Fast Scanning High-Capacity Ion Trap Technology provides unrivaled MS and MS/MS spectrum quality in terms of mass resolution and accuracy
  • Scanning speeds up to 32,000 u/s at full isotopic resolution deliver rapid duty cycles for both MS and MS/MS data sets, compatible with fast HPLC separations.
  • Fast polarity switching speeds up screening applications and increases reliability of results.
  • The SmartFrag™ algorithm ensures optimum fragmentation efficiency for any kind of compound and ensures full reproducible MS/MS spectra, ideal for library searches.
  • Fragmentation is possible up to the MS11 stage, allowing detailed structural investigation of compounds.
  • Monoisotopic isolation is ensured throughout the standard mass range.
  • The amaZon SL smoothly integrates with a wide variety of LC-systems, sample preparation modules and API sources.

Applications amaZon SL Ion Trap

Open Access工作环境

经久耐用的设计和低维护使得amaZon SL可以和OpenAccess工作环境完美结合,如应用于化学合成的质量控制和常规QC分析。



  • 常规的化合物液相-多级质谱联用分析(LC/MSn
  • 选配DIP源用于固体和液体样品的直接分析
  • 药物代谢产物鉴定和结构解析
  • ...

  • 常规的化合物液相-多级质谱联用分析(LC/MSn

    • 通过多级质谱功能进行结构确证
    • 利用零延迟正负切换特性进行筛查实验
    • 常规质量控制、化学合成质量控制

  • 选配DIP源用于固体和液体样品的直接分析
  • 药物代谢产物鉴定和结构解析


布鲁克道尔顿售后服务工程师均由工厂培训和认证,完全满足DIN EN ISO 9001:2000相关条例。



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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.