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I?S, microfocus source, sc-xrd component

应用钼放射的 IμS


The IμS with HELIOS optics delivers a 2D focused beam that provides a flux density significantly higher than that of a 3KW Mo sealed tube or a 5.4 KW rotating anode with graphite monochromator. For very small crystals, the D8 QUEST with IμS shows an intensity gain of more than 15x compared to a standard sealed tube system.

应用 - Small mineral sample

I?S with Molybdenum Radiation
IμS with Molybdenum Radiation

使用传统源时,要避免结构勘查,通常只能获得极小的结晶样本。钼 IμS 源及其小型高密度光束 (120 μm FWHM) 特别适合勘查微小样品,能够提供最大的晶体通量密度,最大限度地减少因空气和晶体而产生的散射。

  • 2.61% 的结构从 80 μm x 40 μm x 2 μm Szenicsite 晶体测得。