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I?S, microfocus source, sc-xrd component

应用银放射的 IμS

I?S with Silver Radiation
IμS with Silver Radiation

D8 QUEST 配备世界上首个带银管的微聚焦源。该 IμS 结合了经特别设计的 HELIOS 多层光学器件。Compared to a conventional Ag sealed tube system the flux density is an order of magnitude higher with 9 x 108 X-rays/(s mm2).

银靶的特征波长 (0.56083 Å) 是内部系统可获得的最短波长。


The use of silver radiation opens the possibility for high-end investigations of challenging samples particularly in the fields of mineralogy, solid-state chemistry and charge density investigations. 应用银放射使数据的采集高达 30% 以上的分辨率,同时最大限度地降低吸收效应。

L (r) in the valence region of the Co atom
Residual Electron Density Map
Residual Electron Density Map (cut at 0.8 Å-1, contours at 0.05eÅ-3 interval)

The Laplacian of the charge density of Sc3CoC4 determined from data collected with an Ag IμS is very consistent with the theoretical model and reference data quoted in J. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129, 9356- 9656. Prof. Wolfgang Scherer, University of Augsburg, Germany