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The LUMOS II FT-IR Microscope: an Imaging Powerhouse

Unleash the true power of infrared microscopy LUMOS II FT-IR Microscope - a groundbreaking instrument that redefines FT-IR imaging. Its user-centric design and innovative technologies create the ability to visualize the „hidden chemical properties“ of samples with unrivaled precision and speed.

 Limitless applicability. Performance redefined.

The LUMOS II finds utility in many industrial and scientific areas: polymers, materials science, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, forensics, and more. Its versatility, enables researchers to analyze diverse sample types, ranging from microplastics to electronic circuit boards fostering interdisciplinary research and expanding the boundaries of scientific exploration.   

Watch our smartest FT-IR microscope in action!

Learn why the LUMOS II is the best microplastics analyzer.
Evaluation of thickness and identity of layers in a plastic film.
Failure analysis of a PCB board that was dead on arrival.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity:
    Up to three detectors offer outstanding sensitivity in the mid-infrared range for any application, providing detection of even the smallest samples to be detected.
  • Rapid Data Acquisition:
    The advanced hardware and data acquisition technology delivers rapid measurements, reducing experiment run times, increasing productivity.
  • High-Resolution Imaging:
    Our exclusive focal-plane array (FPA) detector achieves exceptional spatial resolution, allowing researchers to experience true IR imaging for samples with intricate details at micron levels.
  • Automated Workflows:
    Designed to simplify experimental workflows by full automation and intuitive software, LUMOS II enables to streamlined processes and increased efficiency.
  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence:
    The LUMOS II ships with autonomous evaluation tools that make your daily life easier and speeds up evaluation at the push of a button.